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  • Kitchen Drawer Basket

  • Bespoke Kitchen Drawer Basket
  • Luxuriously handcrafted to exacting specifications and standards, our Kitchen Drawer Basket solution is perfect for those that require something extra special. Our kitchen drawer baskets are available in three differently constructed options; 

    'Sit on Shelf basket' this basket sits directly onto a pre fabricated shelf and is handmade to the customers bespoke requirements

    'Slot Into Frame' where the basket is made to be fitted into a frame which then fits into its own pre defined wooden runners

    'Interwoven With Frame' the basket is actually woven into the wooden frame which then fits into its own runners.

    to enquire about having a kitchen drawer basket made to bespoke options please visit our Made To Order page where you can specify the size and options that you would like. We can also supply wooden runners and frames to accompany our bespoke kitchen drawer baskets.

    Designed and handmade in Great Britain.   Union Jack 

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