Made To Order Terms & Conditions

1. Willow is a natural material and as such will vary in specific specification, a tolerance of 'plus' or 'minus' 15mm will need to be allowed on all baskets that we manufacture.

2. We will as reasonably possible try to minimise colour variations but due to the natural willow product there may be slight colour variations from time to time.

3. Where the customer has specified the design and/or manufacture, the seller does not accept responsibility for compatibility.

4. When measuring to find the maximum external dimension of a basket, customers should measure from corner to corner on the outside top border/rim of the basket.

5. Quotations are based upon the information made available to 'The Somerset Willow Company Limited' at the date of the quotation and in any event of any variations or instructions by the customer, the seller reserves the right to amend the quoted price.

6. Quotations may be withdrawn at any time before the receipt of the customers acceptance and shall be deemed to be withdrawn if accpetance is not received within 30 days of the date of the quotation.

7. Should the customer cancel the bespoke order or any part thereof up until the date of the dispatch the customer will lose 50% of their payment

8. Bespoke orders require an up-front payment in full before the order can commence and be made.

9. Order Production dates and delivery times are specified from 'date of order', order date is the date that the deposit is received.

10. We regret that we cannot refund or return unwanted bespoke orders unless the order is deemed to be faulty of incorrectly manufactured

11. If the customer wishes to amend any part of their quotation they must request this change by emailing  in doing so the customer will receive a new quotation based upon the new information available. We cannot amend a quotation at the ordering stage.     

12. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the correct quotation number is given to our sales team when placing an order.   Failure to do so could result in alternate or incorrect size or specification being built.

13. Foor terms and conditions relating to delivery and returns please see our standard terms and conditions